Imagine a universe without the π number, where neither circles nor curves could exist. Simply, everything is shaped in blocks. Sounds familiar? Indeed, that is the very core of the blockchain as we know it. The “Block Bang” represents the birth of blockchain as well as everything else that comes with it such as metaverse, NFT, Defi, and web 3.0.

Total Supply: 1000

Public sale price is 0.15 eth
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Through the “Block Bang” it all starts with a tiny block. Then, within the blink of an eye, it quickly multiplies and expands to a universe that consists of generated digital species. In fact, everything in here is actually made of the same block dust. However, they have their own identities, purposes, and lifetime. Within the “Block Bang”, that uniqueness is represented by different color palettes and patterns. Each of 1000 NFTs utilizes a unique palette consisting of a 6-color combination which is randomly distributed throughout 4096 cubes by a carefully designed algorithm. Also, each NFT contains a unique pattern that aims to provide an identity.


Who Am I?

My name is Ahmet. I have been working on web developing since I discovered that software design and algorithms are much more meaningful to me. Over the past 20 years working in the industry, I helped the development of Websites/News Portals, CRM, ERP, casual games, Mobile Apps, Enterprise Applications and APIs for many companies.

Also, despite having a technical background, I have always been in love with art and the creation process. I am really Happy that I could finally find an art form (NFT) that I can convey what in my mind and heart with using what I am good at.

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